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Here at Azzalin, competence, efficiency and reliability are objective and attention to detail is a habit, because our company has always pursued the highest quality standards.

Our experties is attested by a wide range of certifications: each stage of the production process of our valves is regulated by the most well none approval bodies from formal and operational perspectives. Our technology, together with our professionals, is what makes unique.

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/ Certification list

Our certifications

Company certifications
UNI ISO 45001
Licenza uso Monogramma API n. 6D-1970
API Spec. Q1 - API 6D

Product certifications
PED 2014/68/UE
Ball Valve Floating e Trunnion Range temperature -60 +300 Gruppo fluido 1, 2

ATEX 2014/34/EU
Ball Valve EVO X, Gruppo II, Categoria 2G, 2D

Ball Valve Floating eTrunnion (EVO-2P, EVO-3P, EVO-MB, EVO-SBB, EVO-SBB-CRY, EVO TR, EVO TE) in accordo ISO 10497 e API 607
Needle Valve (EVO-DBB BS) in accordo API 6FA

Ball Valve Floating Trunnion e Needle (EVO-2P, EVO-SBB-CRY, EVO TR, EVO TE EVO-DBB BS, EVO-DBB NE) in accordo ISO 15848-1

Ball Valve Floating e Trunnion in accordo ASME B16.34, API 6D O BS EN ISO 17292

TAT - Shell MESC SPE 77/300
Ball valve Floating e Trunnion (EVO-DBB, EVO-2P, EVO-CRY, EVO-TR)

/ Principles

The inspiring principles for products of excellence

The inspiring principles for products of excellencewe always want, to achieve highest quality product in an excellent working environment. Azzalin Industrial Valves is an constant evolution, keen to grow and improve in every aspect: production, safety, environmental sustainability.

Our valves are the full expression of our principles. Explore our catalog.

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Our History

Founded in 1970, Azzalin Industrial Valves manufactures high-quality valves for the petrochemical industry, for onshore and offshore plants.

Our history 

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