Our History

Born to give the best, even under pressure

Azzalin Industrial Valves designs and manufactures valves for the Oil and Gas industry.

Founded in 1970, the company has always pursued a strongly innovative approach, inspired by the highest quality standards. We take care of the whole production process, with advance engineering skills.Our constant quest for advanced technologies ensures to our customers an excellent performance in the most complex projects, from the petrochemical industry to offshore and onshore extraction plants.

Azzalin Industrial Valves is synonymous of reliability in Italy and in the world wide.

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Our mission

We try to anticipate our customers’ needs and meet them with tailor-made products and customized, reliable and efficient solutions.

Our flexibility, experience and competence allow us to keep our promises. The ability to experiment is in our nature: we want to invent what does not yet exist.

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Our vision

We are responsible for every phase of the project. We take care of customer’s need and we develop innovative solutions to meet the requirements.

Respect for the envoiremt is important to us, this is why we are commited to sustainable profit, investing in the development of products for the extraction of green fuels and in the development of hi-tech equipment while avoiding waste.

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Code of ethics

Consistency and integrity are keywords for us inside and outside the company.

We work on our staff talent, we believe in team work and we encourage the creativity with our employes we share ideas and passion to build trust and long term relationships.


/ 1970

The beginning of a challenge: Azzalin Industrial Valves is established, starting its business as a gear-box manufacturing company and then specializing in valves over time.

/ 1992

The watershed moment: Azzalin debuts in the valve market.

/ 2018

It's time for a revolution: the business strategy evolves and the plant is expanded.

/ 2020

New spaces and skills are attained: Azzalin Industrial Valves purchases a neighboring warehouse, expanding its area, strength and production capacity.

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Our company in the world

Azzalin is a well-established company in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South/Central America.

Discover all the tests our valves are subjected to

Valve tests

• Low temperature and room temperature pressure test.
• Torque test.
• Cryogenic test down to -196 °C.
• High/Low gas test on seats.

Non-destructive tests on materials

• Magnetic particle (MT) tests.
• Penetrant Testing (PT) carried out by means of penetrating liquids.
• Ultrasonic Testing (UT).
• Positive Material Identification (PMI).

Destructive tests on materials

• Mechanical, safety and impact tests up to -196°.
• Corrosion tests.
• Chemical analysis of carbon, stainless steel, duplex and other alloys by means of a spectrometer.
• Micro exams.

Responsibility towards our customers

We carry out destructive and non-destructive tests on both valves and materials.

This is to ensure that our products and processes are certified to be safely used in various applications of the oil and gas industry.

Our References


Our customer portfolio includes some of the largest engineering companies, as well as contractors and oil and gas pipeline companies.